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This is an entry you can use you get in touch with your mod if you have any problems or queries. If you want to suggest something, you've noticed any inappropriate behavior or simply want to ask a question or clarify something then this is the place to do it. I will try to answer all comments ASAP. Comments are screened.

A reminder of the rules:
♦ Private life is private for a reason. Remember this when posting.
♦ Play nice. No bashing of anyone celebrity or comm member will be tolerated.
♦ LJ cuts are your friend. Please use them for longer posts/large images
♦ Icon posts: 3 preview icons and then a cut/link
♦ We do not allow fanfic. There are a gazillion other comms that do.
♦ Please use Tags!
♦ Please list a source if there is one for the interview etc you are posting.
♦ Comm/Website promotions are not allowed unless you have contacted the mod to ask permission.
♦ Keep posts on-topic. Sherlock related posts should be focused on Benedict not the show itself.
♦ Do not link to locked posts at your personal journals.
♦ Do not screen/block comments on your posts without permission from a mod.
♦ Following requests made by Benedict himself, stagedoor photos from Frankenstein are not to be posted here.
♦ Have fun :)

If you wish to affiliate with cumberbatchfans then this is also the place to leave a comment.
Tags: !modpost, !page-a-mod
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