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cumberbatchfans's Journal

Benedict Cumberbatch: His name is better than your
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This is a community for fans of the actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

We're here to discuss projects, post graphics, picspams, discuss Benedict's thoroughly amazing name and basically be awesome. We want to make this a friendly place for all Cumberbatch fans, so join in, post things, and spread the word.

Your mod: dancy_dreamer
I can be contacted via PM or our Page-a-Mod entry.

Useful links:
FuckYeahBenedictCumberbatch on Tumblr
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♦ Private life is private for a reason. Remember this when posting.
♦ Play nice. No bashing of anyone celebrity or comm member will be tolerated.
♦ LJ cuts are your friend. Please use them for longer posts/large images
♦ Icon posts: 3 preview icons and then a cut/link
♦ We do not allow fanfic. There are a gazillion other comms that do.
♦ Please use Tags!
♦ Please list a source if there is one for the interview etc you are posting.
♦ Comm/Website promotions are not allowed unless you have contacted the mod to ask permission.
♦ Keep posts on-topic. Sherlock related posts should be focused on Benedict not the show itself.
♦ Do not link to locked posts at your personal journals.
♦ Do not screen/block comments on your posts without permission from a mod.
♦ Please put all spoilers behind the cut, our spoiler policy can be found here.
♦ Have fun :)


FuckYeahBenedictCumberbatch on Tumblr
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